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I still have not received my state refund on the Indiana IRS website under the where's my refund tool it only explains that it's still being processed. Also when I call the 1-800 number tells me the same. I have not in any way been contacted by the IRS for any critical errors or mistakes.



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    The IRS and the state are separate entities, so the IRS would not contact you if there is a problem with your state return. Just to be on the safe side, this is the link to IN's DOR where you can check on your refund and there is a number to call:

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way for us to know why it is being delayed. The pandemic has caused all sorts of delays, and at least on the IRS's side, certain returns are taking months. If it says it is processing, then they have received it and are working on it. If they need more information, they should reach out to you (usually through the mail).