Wrong bank account number on 2020 return

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How can I correct this to receive my refund?


  • AlexO
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    Have you already filed the 2020 tax return? If so, you won't be able to update the bank account information listed on the return. Instead of receiving the refund via direct deposit, the IRS will print and mail a check to the address listed on your return.

    If you have not filed your return, you can still log into FreeTaxUSA's 2020 software and make needed corrections. Prior year software can be found at the link below:

    Prior Year Tax Return Software | File Previous Year Taxes with FreeTaxUSA®

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    Hello CTH.

    That is a good question. The only change you can make to prior returns is to Amend your return. However, the IRS has a system in place to get you your refund if the wrong bank account is on the original return. They will not deposit money if the account does not match the taxpayer. They will generate a physical check and mail it to the address on the tax return. You may need to wait 3 - 4 weeks after your 2020 tax return is processed and the refund is released.

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    If anyone is wondering why your bank information is different when you print for record keeping than your real information when you click show my bank information in there (where’s my refund) selection.

    When you select to pay our fee with your federal or state refund, you set up a temporary bank account with Civista Bank, a division of the Santa Barbara's TPG group. This bank account information is printed on your federal and state return and e-filed to the IRS and your state along with your direct deposit information. The IRS and your state will deposit your refund into the temporary bank account, our fees will be extracted, and the remainder will be deposited into the direct deposit account you provided.