Do i have to get federal approved before filing state?

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I completed my federal return first and didn't finish and pay for the state return. After I filed the federal return I went right back and completed and paid for my state return. Now it says I have to mail my state! I thought I could e-file it too. I did notice the federal return is not approved yet. Does it have to be?



  • PamelaP
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    Hi Emma55,

    This can be a bit confusing when each return is filed separately, but the good news is that generally once your Federal tax return is accepted, you should be able to E-file the State tax return as well.

    State returns can only be E-filed if they are submitted from the same account as the original E-filed Federal return. When E-filed at different times, this also means the Federal tax return does need to be either accepted or rejected by the IRS before the State can also be E-filed.

    Once the status of your Federal tax return is updated, you can select "Filing" > "Filing Method" to select the option to E-file your State return. Then you can complete the final few screens to E-file.

    I hope that clarifies things!