What if I can't log in to my account?

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Follow the steps below if you forgot the username, password, or email used for your account.



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    FreeTaxUSA FreeTaxUSA Team

    Start by going to the FreeTaxUSA.com site.

    1) Go to Sign in in the top right-hand corner of FreeTaxUSA.com

    2) Select 'Forgot Username or Password?' (above the 'Sign in Now' button)

    3) Fill in the information for the SSN and Phone number associated with your account

    4) A reset code will be sent to your phone either through text or a phone call

    5) Enter the reset code, and your username will appear along with the ability to set a new password

    Don't remember the phone number associated with your account?

    After selecting 'Forgot Username and Password?', choose the option to 'Try something else' - this will then show you options for using your username, SSN, or email to recover your account information.

    If none of the above has helped you access your account, send an email sent directly to support.