Can I file just my state taxes with FreeTaxUSA?

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Do I have to file both Federal and State with FreeTaxUSA, or can I just do my state taxes here? - Thanks

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  • RustyL
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    While you can file just your state return with us, state tax agencies don't let us e-file the state return without an accepted federal return on the same account. Because of that, if you file only your state return with us, you will have to print it off and mail it in.

    To do that, you'll prepare your federal and state returns like normal, but when you get to the 'Filing Method' page of the 'Filing' tab, you'll select the mailing option for both returns. Then you can continue through the rest of the software and print and mail in your state return. The federal return needs to be prepared as well because the information on the federal return is used to calculate the state return as well.