I keep getting an error page

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Hello - I have been trying to log in. I know both my username and password, but every time I try to log in, I keep receiving an error message. It is extremely important that I obtain my tax returns from prior years, as I need to provide them to my attorney. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • MatthewD
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    Hi Nharari,

    Thank you for reporting this issue. Is this the error you are seeing?

    If so, please try to sign in again. Sometimes you can get in if you try signing in a second time after you see that error. Our IT department is aware of the issue, and it appears it is being resolved. You could also try a Chrome Incognito or Edge InPrivate window to see if you can sign in.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

  • leadsmash432
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    I just created an account, but can not log in. I will get a verification code, so I know I have entered the username and password correctly. But then I get to this page that just says "Error Page" along with the following message:

    Oops! Something went wrong.

    We've made note of this error and will look into what went wrong.
    Please contact customer support if you continue to experience this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    You can sign back in to your FreeTaxUSA account now.

    However, when I try to log in again, I just get the same error message.

    I have tried multiple browsers, both in regular pages and Incognito/Private pages.
    I would appreciate any help someone may have.

  • KeriC
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    @leadsmash432, will you please reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance in accessing your account? You can contact them via email by emailing support@freetaxusa.com. They will be able to assist you further. Thanks!

  • leadsmash432
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    Thank you. It appears that my problem was in trying to import my prior year's return with all the worksheets attached. When I imported only the return I did not get the error.