Still waiting on return

ASmallz Member Newcomer

We filed at the end of Jan and have received letter after letter asking for 60 more days. This went on until June and then nothing at all. No way to get ahold of anyone. Like where is our tax check? Is it lost and no one wants to admit it or ? Didn’t know the IRS could just hold your money for over 10 months with no reason. I have 4 children who could benefit from our return.


  • AlexO
    AlexO FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Hello, ASmallz.

    It can certainly be frustrating waiting on the IRS to issue the refund! While the IRS does issue most refunds within 21 days, it can take longer. However, 10 months does seem like an abnormal amount of time to wait.

    You may want to contact the IRS' Taxpayer Advocate Service for additional assistance. I will link their site below: