balance sheet/ financial statement

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can anyone guide me on how to match the line items on this financial sheet with the items from my form 1065?

Balance Sheet Details

AssetsCash and Short Term Investments$

Net Accounts Receivables$

Under Billings$

Short-Term Shareholder Receivables$

Short-Term Intercompany Receivables$

Total Current Assets$

Goodwill & Intangibles$

Long-Term Shareholder Receivables$

Long-Term Intercompany Receivables$

Total Assets$

Liabilities and Owners Equity

Accounts Payable$

Short Term Debt$

Short-Term Shareholder Payables$

Short-Term Intercompany Payables$

Total Current Liabilities$

Long Term Debt$

Long-Term Shareholder Payables$

Long-Term Intercompany Payables$

Total Liabilities$

Retained Earnings$

Total Equity$

Income Statement Details


Costs of Goods Sold$

Income from Operations$

Interest Income$

Interest Expense$

Earnings Before Tax$

Net Income$


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    Thank you for this request, jlee.

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