How to file taxes for 2023


Hopefully, someone can assist me with my tax situation. My ex-wife and I finalized our divorce in October of 2023.

I reside in Texas, which is a community property state. My ex-wife lives in Hawaii. We lived separately for the entire year of 2023.

Due to our strained relationship, we have decided to file our taxes as married but filing separately for the year 2023.

My question is, considering that I live in a community property state, what is the appropriate way for me to file my taxes for the year 2023?

Thank you

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  • MatthewD
    MatthewD FreeTaxUSA Team
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    Hi Javarithms,

    Your filing status depends on your marital status as of Dec. 31, 2023. If you were not married then you file as Single, unless you have dependents you can claim on your return and file as Head of Household.

    Since your divorce was finalized in October 2023, you do NOT file a married filing separately return and you don't have to worry about the Community Property State forms for the federal return.

    The appropriate filing status for you would be Single or Head of House for 2023.