Can I file head of household on my taxes if I own my home?

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My mom also lived me half the year can I claim her as well?


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    Just owning a home does not qualify you for Head of Household. To claim the filing status Head of Household, you must have a dependent or a qualifying person claimed on your tax return.

    I don't have enough information about your mother's situation to make a recommendation to claim her as a dependent. However, here are some general guidelines that will help.

    1. Did you provide more than half her support (food, housing, utilities, living expense, etc) for the year?
    2. Did she have gross income over $4,700? If her only source of income is social security benefits, you don't count SS in that Gross Income. There are some rules if she has other sources of income.

    I recommend you go through the IRS Interactive Assistant, "Whom May I Claim as a Dependent" just to make sure, since you get a larger standard deduction when claiming Head of Household.