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When I filed 2022 tax I realized I had not reported $4000 in IRA distributions. How do I update my return?

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    Thank you for contacting customer support.

    When you need to make a change, such as adding omitted income, you will need to start an amendment. Generally, we recommend that you wait until you receive your refund from your original return before starting to help prevent any confusion down the line.

    Once you are ready to amend, please sign into the year's edition that you are trying to amend. Once you are on, you should see a link to amend on the right-hand side. Please click on it. Once you have started the amendment, you will be asked to enter the amount of refund you received or taxes you paid with your original return.

    Then, you can go and enter your IRA distributions by going to Income → Retirement Income (1099-R). If there are no more changes you need to do, you can proceed to finalize your amendment. The software will tell you want forms you need to send in along with the address to mail it to.

    Have a great day.