What's is the fastest route to getting the EIP for myself and family if we haven't received any?

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I was told by an IRS agent that i have to file a tax return for the 2020 and 2021 tax seasons in order to receive the payments. I did not have an income for these years and I have my wife and 2 daughters eligible for the payments. I was wondering the fastest route to receiving these payments as we are in desperate need of this money. Although highly unlikely it would be nice to receive all or part of these payments before Christmas.


  • Paul_H
    Paul_H FreeTaxUSA Agent

    The best and fastest way to get your payments would be to mail in your 2020 and 2021 tax returns and claim them as part of your federal refund. It normally takes 3 to 6 weeks for the IRS to process paper tax returns, so it is unlikely that you'd receive the payments before Christmas, but better late than never!

    You can file those returns using our software; look for the screens in the 'Deductions/Credits' tab titled 'EIP Information'.

    You can get started here: https://www.freetaxusa.com/2020

  • Taxlady06
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    Currently the IRS only allows prior year returns to be mailed for taxpayers using self-preparation services. The processing time for mailed returns is generally 4-6 weeks. Sadly, you will likely not be getting your refund in time for Christmas, but you can file now to get the process started.

  • Kaybee
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    it currently takes several MONTHS for the IRS to process a paper return. Do not expect a quick turn around, it won't happen unfortunately.