Parent Payback

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I am paying for my daughter's college tuition (parent program). She is 26 and out of the home. Can I claim that b/c I cannot claim her.


  • KristineS
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    Hi kirkmp16,

    When a parent pays tuition for their son or daughter away at college, there may be an opportunitiy to claim an education credit on their tax return, but that child must be listed as a dependent on the parent's tax return first. By itself, paying tuition for college is not something you claim on a tax return.

    To be a listed as a dependent on your tax return for purposes of an education credit, your daughter must be considered a qualifying child, which means under age 24 at the end of the year, a student, and younger than you, or any age and permanently and totally disabled.

    If she is 26 and out of the house, it doens't sound like she meets the qualifications to be claimed as a dependent.