Federal filing status on my W4

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On my current W4 I filed married and 1 dependent and for some reason I'm getting state taxes taken out of my payroll check but not federal taxes..I'm not used to that and I'm scared it'll make me owe more when I file next year..why is there no federal taxes being taken out?



  • BradyP
    BradyP FreeTaxUSA Agent

    This is likely an issue within your payroll department at the company you work at. Generally, if you are a W-2 employee there should always be federal tax withholdings unless you have specifically said otherwise. To correct this, please reach out to your manager or the person in charge of your payroll to resolve this issue.

  • kcolbert6
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    I did and they told me that maybe taxes aren't being taken out because I don't make enough on the threshold or something like that. Even after deductions I'm bringing home over 3k a month..I made about the same at my last job and it wasn't an issue so im super confused

  • KFine3325
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    We recommend using the IRS's Withholding Estimator to help you estimate if you will have any income tax assessed based on your current situation.