Amazon Vine 1099-NEC reporting

Dionaea Member Newcomer

Based on my research and reports from those who have received and reported the Amazon Vine 1099-NEC in past years, the "income" from participating in the Amazon Vine program can be reported on Schedule A, Line 8 (Additional Income and Adjustments to Income).

How and where would I do this on FreeTaxUSA? This is my first year in the Amazon Vine program, so I do not yet have the 1099-NEC information from Amazon to enter on FreeTaxUSA but do have $ amount.


    JMSSGV Member Level 5

    If you're referring to Form 1040, Schedule A is for Itemized Deductions, not income.

    There is a screen in FreeTaxUSA where you can enter your 1099-NEC income. However, be aware that it might require you to create a Schedule C as a self-employed individual. This would give rise to self-employment tax.

    I think there's still some debate about whether or not Vine income is considered self-employment or just miscellaneous income that would normally be reported on a 1099-MISC.) You may want to research that before preparing your tax return.