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my mother in law passed away 2 years ago and I filed her final years taxes. We recently received a 1099R from an IRA that was distributed this year, the 1099 was estate of and with her ssn. Do I file this with my taxes or under her estate?



  • KeriC
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    I'm very sorry for your loss.

    Since your mother-in-law's final return has already been filed and the distribution was received after her death, the 1099-R should be issued with the estate as the recipient. It will be reported as income on the estate's tax return. K-1s will then be issued to each beneficiary who will report their share of the estate income on their respective personal tax returns.

    If the 1099-R was not issued to the estate, the trustee will need to contact the payer and have them reissued a corrected 1099-R listing the estate as the recipient.