Claiming a dependent that is employed

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My daughter just turned 18 and has a part time job. My ex-husband and I take turns claiming her so 2023 is my year to claim her. I need to know how to claim her even though she works part time.



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    Hello, tar60497!

    That is a great question!

    Depending on whether she is a full-time student and how much income she makes, you may not be able to claim her as a dependent. You can use the IRS' Whom May I Claim as a Dependent tool to confirm.

    If you can claim her, she can still file her own tax return. When she files the return, she needs to select that she is being claimed as a dependent on another tax return. If she has tax withheld or has a filing requirement, she should file the return. You can use the IRS' Do I Need to File a Tax Return quiz to determine whether she needs to file.