If my sole income is Social Security, is 1040-SR the right form to use for filing?

Lotus Member Newcomer

As a retired person, with no assets or dependents, I file even though I pay no taxes nor get a refund simply because rebates require a return. As a result, I received both State and Federal rebates.

My AGI is 0.

I want to make sure when using FreeTaxUSA that I'm filing the right forms.

Do you have any advice for me?


    JMSSGV Member Level 5

    There's no difference between the regular 1040 and the 1040SR other than cosmetic things. Your tax will come out exactly the same on either form. FreeTaxUSA will choose the appropriate form.

    If you are e-filing, you have to enter at least $1 in income in order for the IRS to accept it. Just add $1 in under interest income so that your adjusted gross income is at least $1. (There will be no tax liability, obviously.)