I accidentally put my 2021 information on my 2022 tax return I'm trying to amend it I don't know how

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  • RustyL
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    Great question Shelly,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer the information you already entered to the correct year, but you can file an amendment for your 2021 return with us.

    If you filed your original 2021 return with us, you can amend it by logging into our 2021 software here:


    Once you have done that, you will select the 'Amend Tax Return' button that will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

    To file an amendment on our software for a return that you didn't originally file with us, you will need to do the following, after you have signed in to our 2021 software.

    1.) Enter all of your information as it was entered on your original return.
    2.) Pay for the state return, if you plan on amending it as well.
    3.) You may also want to buy our Deluxe package as it comes with amendments.
    4.) Finalize the return by continuing through the software to the 'Check Status/Print Tax Return' page under the 'Filing' tab.
    5.) Select the 'Amend Tax Return' button on the right side of the screen to begin your amendment.
    6.) If you have already received a refund or paid taxes for the original return, you will need to enter this. If you have not yet received your refund yet, enter zero.

    Once you have done this, you can make any changes that you need to, and continue again to the 'Check Status/Print Tax Return' page under the 'Filing' tab to finalize the amendment.

    We can't e-file prior year returns at this time, so you will need to mail this amendment in.