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Hello my girlfriend lives with me in my home that I own she payed me rent do I have to report that and how do i



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    Hello davelepore,

    While renting out your property, you would report all the rent collected as long as it qualifies as a rental property according to the IRS. It would be disqualified for the days it was considered personal use.

    A day of personal use is any day, or part of a day, that the unit was used by:

    • You for personal purposes;
    • Any other person for personal purposes, if that person owns part of the unit (unless rented to that person under a “shared equity” financing agreement);
    • Anyone in your family (or in the family of someone else who owns part of the unit), unless the unit is rented at a fair rental price to that person as his or her main home;
    • Anyone who pays less than a fair rental price for the unit; or
    • Anyone under an agreement that lets you use some other unit.

    For your situation, if there was any part of your home that was just for your girlfriend, then you could include that as a rental on your schedule E as long as it is rented at a fair rental price for the unit. Otherwise, you would need to report your income as 'Miscellaneous Income' by clicking Income » Other Income. Describe it as rent collected in an unqualified rental.