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So I’ve been filing with you guys for awhile now and I got something in the mail from Rita I’ve never heard of or dealt with them before does taxes get taken out for them also or is that a separate thing I’m going to have to pay into I have to show proof from 2016-2020 I believe it is


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    Many Ohio localities are taxed separately from state income taxes. RITA stands for Regional Income Tax Agency. RITA is one of the agencies that handles the local taxes for many smaller Ohio cities and towns.

    These taxes are not filed with your state return and should be handled based the area of your residence.

    I would suggest contacting RITA using the contact information found on your notice for more information. You may not need to pay additional taxes if you have local withholdings listed on your W-2 form. This information is generally found in box 19 of your W-2.

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    Hello hdahal1982,

    Here is a link to the Ohio Department of Taxation website with information about municipal income taxes. There are some helpful resources here, such as a list of links to local information on city and village income taxes, as well as an online tool that can help you determine whether an address is located in a particular city or village.

    While the OH Department of Taxation does provide this information as a service to taxpayers, they encourage you to direct questions about the tax to the city or village that enacted the tax, or to the agency hired by the municipality to handle such matters on its behalf.

    I hope this helps!