charitable deductions


how to claim a large deducyion (car, RV) when one can only use the standard deductions?


  • Taxlady06
    Taxlady06 FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Each taxpayer has the option federally to take the standard deduction or to itemize their deductions. We suggest that you enter in all of your itemized deductions to see which option is the most beneficial for your situation. Once all of your deductions have been entered, we will show you the total itemized vs. the standard deduction, and you can decide which you would like to take.

    If you have a large donation, and the full amount is allowed, it is likely that itemizing your deductions would be the best option.

  • GerhardtQ
    GerhardtQ FreeTaxUSA Agent

    You will not be able to claim itemized deductions on your return if you take the standard deduction.

    If you made significant charitable donations during the year, you will, unfortunately, not be able to write those donations off on your return unless you take the itemized deduction for the year.

    To take the itemized deduction, enter your itemizable expenses into our software. The program will automatically assign you to the larger of the deductions based on your entries. If you'd like to override the software's assignment, you may choose to do so as you prepare your return.