Is there a way to speak with someone one the phone directly about never receiving my refund??

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So i choose to have the fees for filing my taxes threw free tax uSA deducted from my return the company that does that is called Santa Barbra tax group and it states on there website that they received there payment then they tried to send the remaining of it to my bank account but unfortunately my account was closed so my bank sent it back to the Santa Barbra tax group then they sent me an email stating they were going to send me a check by mail within 10 Days to the address i used to file my tax return. called 60+ days later to the Santa Barbra Tax Group and they told me they sent it back to the irs due to suspicious activity but here it is 10 months later and the IRS said they never recieved a check back from them and I of course cant contact the santa barbra tax group by phone and talk to anyone directly. Any advice on what to do?


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    Hi melisa_88_jones,

    At this time, FreeTaxUSA does not support an inbound phone number. I hear your frustation on not receiving your refund yet.

    It's unfortunate your bank account was closed when Tax Products Group (TPG) attempted to direct deposit your refund. When TPG can't deposit the refund, they attempt to mail a cashier's check to the physical address as you mentioned above. If the mailed check is returned, TPG will return the refund to the IRS, which takes 6-8 for processing and updating of your account with the IRS.

    TPG does not hold refunds.

    Generally speaking, once a tax refund leaves the IRS, whether electronically or by paper check, the IRS no longer has anything to do with the refund and would not ordinarly request an already disbursed refund check to be sent back to the IRS from a third party provider.

    The number to call TPG is 877-908-7228, but it is very difficult to get to a live person as you mentioned. You can send an email here: and request help.

    In addition you can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1954 and request a payment trace for your refund. You can also fill out Form 3911 and send that to the IRS depending on what state you live in.

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    Was your expected refund unusually large? Which credits did you claim. Could help answer the question. Specifically, is there a refund freeze on your transcript on