Can I claim for my 18 year old who started University in August 2023 on a scholarship

Shamane Member Newcomer

My 18 year old daughter would be 19 in Jan 2024. She is a US citizen . She started school online after getting a scholarship at a University not in the USA. She lives with me and all her expenses are borne by me. Can i claim her as a dependent on my taxes for 2023. Do I need any forms from the University?

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  • KristineS
    KristineS FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Hi Shamane,

    It sounds like your daughter meets the preliminary requirements to be claimed as a dependent on your tax return. You can use the IRS Interactive Assistant tool to quickly help you determine this. The FreeTaxUSA program also asks you a series of questions about your daughter based on the five tests for a child to be a qualifying child when you enter her name, SSN, date of birth, student status, income, etc., in the program.

    You need no forms from the University for your daughter to be claimed as your dependent.