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Hello I work for a public school and we are considered federal employees. Federal taxes were not taken out of my check ; however I have paid 8000 this year into my state teachers retirement, I have also paid 2900 in state , city , Medicare and FIT taxes. I pay for private medical dental vision$4600. I have 2 dependents under the age of 13 and I am head of household. I grossed 58,000 this year. Will I receive a federal return?


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    1. A return is what you FILE, not what you RECEIVE. You may receive a REFUND.
    2. What are "FIT" taxes? Are you sure that's not Federal Income Tax?
    3. If your two dependents qualify for the Child Tax Credit (which would be $4,000), it would be likely you would have little or no tax liability. I don't know if there are any deductions or exclusions from the $58K, but assuming that's all taxable, once you subtract the standard deduction, your tax would be a little over $4,000. Subtracting the child tax credit would leave a very small balance due. So if you filled out your W-4 correctly, you are pretty much exactly on target. If the $58,000 is overstated, then you might not have any tax liability at all.
    4. I would suggest you input your numbers into FreeTaxUSA and see where things stand.

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    Thank you!