Question about Roth conversation

samwhang91 Member Newcomer


In January 2023 I had to recharacterize my Roth post-tax contributions that were made in 2022 (because I found out I was over income limit due to per-diem work) to a traditional IRA, than converted that back to my Roth.

I just received a 1099-R for that conversion that was completed for the 2022 year. Do I have input the 1099-R and 8606 for this years tax return?


  • KristineS
    KristineS FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Hi samwhang91,

    Yes, enter the 2023, Form 1099-R into the software just as it is and follow the prompts. Form 8606 is automatically created based on information entered into the software regarding retirement distributions, recharacterizations, etc. It's not a form or section of the software that you fill out.