New roofs qualify for the energy credit, or do they?

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I am attempting to claim the small energy efficiency credit for my new asphalt roof. I don't see the credit on energy star, but I have come across several articles that mention this. Is it a real credit? How can I enter it on the FreeTaxUSA software?

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    Currently the IRS offers a tax credit for Energy Efficient Home Improvements which include the following:

    • Exterior doors, windows, skylights and insulation materials
    • Central air conditioners, water heaters, furnaces, boilers and heat pumps
    • Biomass stoves and boilers
    • Home energy audits

    Additionally, there is an Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit for the following:

    • Solar, wind and geothermal power generation
    • Solar water heaters
    • Fuel cells
    • Battery storage (beginning in 2023)

    If you simply replaced the roofing on your home, this replacement cost is generally not considered deductible. However, if you invested in certain types of solar roofing equipment like solar roofing tiles and shingles which serve as both a form of solar electric generation and traditional roofing, such investments can qualify for the credit.

    If this is applicable to your situation, you can enter these costs in the "Deductions/Credits" section of our software. Here you can list any qualified expenses in the "Home Energy Credit" subheading.