Can i file personal and business taxes separately

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hi, i'm employed but also have a side business of my own.. what is the best way to file my taxes, do i file separately or should i file both at the same time?

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  • KristineS
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    Hi aman_sr - great question.

    It's very common for people to have both wage income and self-employment income at the same time from a side business.

    Depending on the nature of your side business, for instance if you're a sole proprietor, you will file this business together with your personal tax return. Most sole proprietor's are self-employed, and use Schedule C to list income and expenses. This is true for side businesses that form an LLC with their state as well. FreeTaxUSA will walk you through the steps for your side business in Schedule C in the Business Income section of our software. Our Support team is there for additional help if you need it.