Where do you report Ticket Sales if you dont receive 1099-K

brentlee1 Member Newcomer

Hi I was scrolling throw the common income, business income, uncommon income sections and under all those sections I have no idea where to report gross ticket sales. I did not receive 1099 k form this year because apparently you need 20k gross sales to do that.


  • Henry
    Henry FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Hi brentlee1! Did you earn income by selling tickets to events? If you are self-employed, then the IRS generally expects your income to be reported on Schedule C. You can do that by selecting Income > Business Income (Schedule C) from the menu bar. As you go through the Schedule C screens, you will be prompted to enter information about your income. If you won't be receiving a Form 1099-K this year, hopefully you have kept good records of your own and know what amounts to report. On your Schedule C, you will also be able to account for any expenses related to the work you did (such as any fees, taxes, or charges to sell your tickets).

    When you are done entering your income and expenses, the software will generate Schedule C and include it with your tax return. Your net business income will be reported there. Self-employment taxes will also be calculated on Schedule SE if you had net business income, since you didn't have an employer withholding Social Security, Medicare, and income taxes.