Taxes on gains in backdoor Roth IRA conversion

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I have a 1099-R showing the entire amount of the distribution as taxable, and the "taxable amount not determined" box checked. I later indicated that all of it was a Roth conversion. None of it shows as taxable income.

Problem is that a small amount was gains while in the tIRA before the conversion. How do I get the software to show that amount as taxable? Can I uncheck Box 2b and put the correct taxable amount in Box 2a, or do I need to report the 1099-R exactly as issued?


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    You will want to enter the information exactly how it appears on your 1099-R. The software will calculate the taxable amount based on the information that you have entered. If you still have questions once you have entered this information, please contact support from inside your account so that we can better assist you.