How to File Minnesota State Taxes

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Me and my spouse lived for the entire year and earned income in 2 different states for 2023. I lived in TX and my spouse in MN.
How do we file our taxes for the state of MN if we do federal as married filling joint?

Since I lived in Texas my state tax is 0, but my wife paid MN state taxes. When we get to filing the MN tax returns, the system is taking our Federal AGI and stating we need to pay MN tax. But my income was earned in TX when i was living in TX so MN can't tax my income. How do we file the MN taxes? should i select Partial Resident option and split our income or what should be done to correctly file?



  • Taxlady06
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    The state of Minnesota requires that you use the same filing status on your state income tax return as on your federal return. So, if you file a joint federal return, you must also file a joint MN return. Additionally, if you wife lived in MN for the full year, she would be considered a full-time resident of MN.

    As a married couple, you have the option to file Married, filing jointly or Married, filing separately. Based on your situation, it may be best to file separately so that you can each report your state income correctly.