Where to change my IRA account balance?

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I entered what I thought was my Roth IRA account balance. I entered the incorrect balance and need to update it. Does anyone know where I go to make that change? hint: it's definitely not in the same screen you enter your current year contributions.

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  • kiarab
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    Generally there are two locations to enter information about your IRA's. One is the Retirement Income section (Income → Retirement Income (1099-R) and the other is the IRA Contributions (Deductions / Credits → IRA Contributions). Certain entries in our software causes certain screens to appear or not appear. Without looking at your account, it is hard to say what you need to do.

    I would highly recommend contacting our customer support. They should be able to look at your account and let you know where to go and what to do. Even if you use e-mail messaging, you should get a response within 24 hours.