Will FreeTaxUSA import my last year's return that was filed through FreeTaxUSA so it knows things?

imthenachoman Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

We've always had someone else do our taxes.

This year (in 2024, for 2023 taxes), we are going to do them ourselves.

I'm deciding between TurboTax and FreeTaxUSA.

One of the things i Like about TT is that when you do a return, if you did your previous year's return in TT, then it'll already know certain things about you like AGI, deprecitions, deductions, carry forward losses, etc.

Will FreeTaxUSA do the same?

If I do my taxes in FTUSA this year (2024, for 2023 taxes), and manually copy data from my 2022 return, then next year (2025, for 2024 taxes) will FTUSA be able to pull relevant information my 2023 return?