Which category should be used for a work truck 179 deduction

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We added a work truck this year (over 6000 pounds at 100% business use). When following the software prompts in the Schedule C - depreciable assets, I need to choose a category for it. Choices are:
Computer, cell phone, copier
Real Estate

Each category has an explanation and examples, but none of them include a vehicle. Since a vehicle is a common 179 depreciable asset, I am questioning if this is the right pathway, but I can't find anywhere else to enter this as a 179 deduction.

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    There is an independent section in the Schedule C for Vehicle Expenses, where you will enter the relevant information, such as mileage, type, actual costs, purchase price. The software will add the vehicle to the depreciation schedule based on the information you entered in the Vehicle Expense section.

    The exception to this would be if you have a non-personal type vehicle, such as a Tractor Trailer.

    As a reminder with electing the Section 179, the vehicle must be used 100% for business (no personal usage) in order to claim the full purchase price of the vehicle for Section 179. Also, you will need to maintain a mileage log to support the miles and expenses you claim on your tax return for the vehicle.


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    Thank you.

    I was missing the key piece of choosing actual expenses instead of standard mileage deduction.