How do I get my AGI from last year's (2022)?


They're saying my federal return won't be accepted by the IRS if I don't have the exact AGI amount entered on my return from 2022. I'm doing my 2023 return not 2022 so what's the relevance. I don't have a copy of last year's filing (2022) so can anyone tell me how I can get it without being charged some astronomical amount of money? Like maybe free, even?

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  • RyanZ
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    The reason for requiring the prior year AGI is to help validate your identity. This is a requirement for e-filing as part of reducing fraudulent returns being filed without the knowledge or consent of the individual who's SSN is being used on the tax return.

    If you don't have access to your prior year tax return, you may request a transcript of your tax return directly from the IRS for no cost. Here is a link with additional information for locating your prior year AGI as well as how to request the information from the IRS: