Ammended taxed return question

Rpg1752 Member Newcomer

I just rec'd my refunds but needed to ammend as I rec'd a late 1099-R. I ammened them, now what? It looks like I need to pay back on the Federal and get a refund from the state. What is the next step? Wait for the IRS?


  • Henry
    Henry FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Hello Rpg1752!

    When you first start an amendment, the software will prompt you to enter the amount of overpayment/refund previously received from your original returns. You'll want to be sure to enter those amounts correctly because that information is used to calculate your amended return. You can review those entries by selecting Personal > Amendment Information and Personal > State Amendment Information from the menu.

    Once you have made sure your original refunds have been entered correctly, the resulting taxes owed or refund due should reflect the changes in calculations on your return due to the additional 1099-R income you have reported.

    If you previously received a refund from the IRS but now owe the IRS after preparing the amendment, that means you need to pay back some of the refund you previously received. Now you qualify for a smaller refund amount based on the additional income you have reported.

    On the other hand, your state may tax retirement income differently, which could result in an additional refund. You can file the amended state return to claim that.

    When you feel like the amendment is complete, select Final Steps from the menu and work your way through those screens to submit the amended returns for processing. You will be prompted to indicate how you want to pay the amount owed to the IRS and how you want to receive the additional refund from your state.

    You'll want to be sure to file the amendment prior to the April 15 filing deadline.