1099-B Various Date Acquired

mikekowalsi Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I acquired a stock I sold in 2023 at various dates and on line 1b for Date acquired all schwab says is VARIOUS. I cant input that on FreeTax. Any advice?


  • Henry
    Henry FreeTaxUSA Agent Posts: 86

    Hi mikekowalsi! I can help you get this reported correctly.

    As you are entering the transaction information, you will come to the screen titled, 'Tell us about this stock sale.' You are asked "Did you acquire this investment on a specific date?" If you answer NO to that question, you will be given the option to select:

    'Various Dates Acquired - One Year or Less' OR

    'Various Dates Acquired - More than One Year' OR


    You can choose the option that applies to your transaction. Does the statement from Schwab indicate whether this was a short-term or long-term transaction? If not, you may need to reach out to Schwab for clarification.