1099-R Form


Can someone please help me on how to post a 1099-R form, or do I even have to report it? I retired last August, and I never had to deal with one.

The boxes do not match on the W2 form that I post it, too. For example, there is no box 2A on the W2 I'm posting it to.



  • RyanZ
    RyanZ FreeTaxUSA Agent

    You will not enter the information on the 1099-R on the W-2 input screen.

    There is a separate input screen for "Retirement Income (1099-R). You can located this on the "Your Income" page in FreeTaxUSA, in the "Common Income" section.

    You can also search the webpage for "1099-R" to locate. If you have not visited this page already, it will have the button "Start" which you will click on. If you have visited this page, click on "Edit"

  • DonnieBoston
    DonnieBoston Member Newcomer

    Hi Ryan.

    I wanted to thank you for such tremendous help. First time user of FreeTax and never had to fill those 1099-R forms on here being retired. I appreciate it very much!