How can I get cheap Ohio Schedule of Credit form filled out?

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I'm an out of state resident looking to get reimbursed for gambling taxes (state/local) that was deducted from my winnings. I have all the forms and documents but don't want to put in the wrong info. Willing to pay for help. My email address is:


  • Henry
    Henry FreeTaxUSA Agent Posts: 86

    Hello Denbal! You can use our software to prepare a nonresident state tax return. The preparation fee is just $14.99. Our software will walk you through the filing process and will prompt you to enter the necessary information, and you can reach out to Customer Support for assistance via email at any time.

    If you feel like you need extra help, we do have additional upgrades available. The Deluxe Upgrade gives you access to live chat, and the Pro Support upgrade allows you to receive tax advice from a tax professional as you prepare your return. You can view our current pricing here:

    If you are only needing to prepare a state tax return, you will need to enter your federal information first. The reason for this is that much of the federal information is used to calculate the state return. Then when you start entering your nonresident return information, you will be asked what portion of your income is taxable to the state.

    It is important to note that most states generally tax income earned from a source within that state. This means that even if you didn't live in a state, gambling income earned from within that state may still be taxable by that state. If that is the case, then you might be able to claim a credit for taxes paid to another state on your resident state tax return. How you need to proceed will depend on the rules of the state where you earned the gambling income and the state where you reside.