How to include extra/additional tax payment when filing?

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Hi all, in 2023 I've started paying estimated tax for 2023 tax year online on the IRS website, starting from Oct 31, 2023. Below is what my transactions currently look like:

10/31/2023: estimated tax payment $X

12/1/2023: estimated tax payment $X

1/2/2024: estimated tax payment $X

2/5/2024: payment $X (notice how it says payment instead of "estimated")

Some context: for 2022, I owed taxes that I enrolled in a payment plan that lets me pay my 2022 tax with a deadline on Oct 16, and it was the first year that I had to do this due my income increasing much more than previous years. And so I decided to pay some estimated tax for 2023 so that when I file in april 2023, the amount due would be less of a burden.

So I made my estimated payments on the IRS website from Oct to Jan. Then in Feb, I also went on the website to make the payment like how I've always did. However, I just notice that my payment for Feb is not noted as "estimated tax payment" for 2023, but as "payment" for 2023.

I've always used Freetaxusa to file my taxes, and I know there is a section on Freetaxusa to put in my estimated tax payment. However, I'm not sure if I should include my Feb payment in the estimated tax payment as well. If not, is there a place where I can put in my Feb payment on my tax return? And where would that be on Freetaxusa, if at all?

I've read some other forum saying that I should include this extra payment on schedule 3 line 13z, with a description of "other tax payment". However, I don't know how to that using Freetaxusa

Thanks all, sorry if I wasn't being clear!

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    Hi weebieweeb,

    Thank you for your question.

    Generally, a February 5, 2024 payment would not be included as an estimated tax payment for 2023. The final deadline for an estimated tax payment for 2023 was January 15th. However, it is still counting as a payment for 2023 based on what you are saying.

    In FreeTaxUSA under the MISC section, under Payments, select 2023 Estimated Tax Payments. Select YES to the question, "Did you make estimated tax payments for your 2023 federal tax return?" and scroll to the bottom of the next page. There you will see a payment option for After January 16, 2024. You may enter the amount there for the February 5th payment. The IRS will dollar match all payments made for 2023 under your SSN as reported on your tax return. In your particular instance as described, reporting this payment on line 26 of Form 1040 with your other estimated tax payments will be fine.