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I am filing this year after it took almost a year and a half to get my last taxes back and I never filed for the loss of my property from the California Campfire in 2018. Is it to late to do that ?


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    Hi Dsetzer841,

    Sorry to hear about your 2018 loss. I'm sure that was very stressful.

    Here is what the CA FTB website says about claiming a disaster loss:

    The disaster loss must be claimed in the taxable year the disaster occurred (this means 2018) or in the taxable year immediately before the disaster occurred (this means amending 2017). If you meet the qualifications to claim a disaster loss, the same disaster rules and extended deadlines apply to you.

    Typically, deadlines to file for disasater related issues are extended up to one year, so it is probably to late to file, even with the extended deadline or by amending a prior year return. My recommendation is to contact the CA FTB directly through your portal, by mail, or by calling 800-852-5711, M - F, 8am - 5pm. A live chat service is also available here.

    Although you may file a tax return with the IRS for 2018, if you are due a refund, the time to receive the refund has passed, but your tax return will show as being filed. If however, there is a balance due, that amount would be due upon filing.