Server error when signing in

juno2112 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I keep seeing the following error when trying to sign in: Process Failure Our servers have encountered an error and could not respond to the request that was made. Please try again or contact us for help.

This started happening to my partner last night on 03/07/2024 when he was in the middle of filing, and now he can't complete his taxes. Is anyone else having this issue right now?


  • RyanZ
    RyanZ FreeTaxUSA Agent Posts: 70

    I apologize for the inconvenience that you experienced with our servers. This is normally due to an update to the software which requires the hardware to restart. The servers are up and running at this time, so you may return and log into your account.

  • minimongoose
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    I've been having this trouble since late March. Every time I try to log in, I get a server error. Even if I reset my password, I get an error.

  • bjorgenson
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    Please reach out to and they will create a ticket for this issue. If the error message you are getting includes the 'Process Failure' text, we would love to know how to replicate that, including what browser and extensions you are using. Thanks!