How to print state return

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I've e-filed my federal return and completed my state return. I see NO way to print that so I can mail it in. I've read others' suggestions, to no avail. When FT says I haven't purchased it, it puts me right back where I can do that. But offers no other options.

Or, do I have to pay FreeTax even though I do not want to e-file the state return? I owe a little bit and am happy to mail it in and dislike the idea of paying $15 just for the right to print it. Help, please!


  • Taxlady06
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    The option to view and print your state return is only available if you purchase the state return product. Our website charges a fee to prepare your state return. That is, we charge a fee to calculate your tax due/refund and place the correct numbers in the right place on your tax forms. This fee is the same regardless of whether you e-file or mail a paper return.

    If you wish to print and mail your federal return, there is no charge. If you wish to print your state return from our website, you will still be charged the same preparation fee.