nonresident US citizen (living outside the USA) - can I use FreeTaxUSA?

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Subject line pretty much says it: I've lived outside the USA for 20 years now, but I am still a US citizen, so I still have to file a US tax return. I pay my installments to the IRS, and at the end I wind up either owing nothing to the IRS, or owing a small amount, or occasionally they owe me a small amount (my country of residence has a tax treaty with the US and I am mostly taxed here). Is there any reason why I can't use FreeTaxUSA to file my US return? Thanks!


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    Do you have earned income in your current country of residence? If so, we currently do not support foreign earned income so we would not be able to prepare your tax return.

    If you are also outside of the US at the time of filing, we cannot support the filing of your return. You can view what we do and do not support here: