Fixing the 1095-A Form Amounts

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Hey y'all!

This is my first year filing my own taxes. Previously, I was claimed under my family's tax returns. I'm having difficulties with the Marketplace health insurance (Form 1095-A). I was under my dad's insurance plan for 3 months. I had started my first full time job (with an health insurance plan through my employer) in January and moved to another state in February. When inputting the information from my dad's 1095-A form, I think the generated Form 8962 is incorrect because the amount is much higher than what I should be receiving. Not sure if it's an error in how the numbers are being calculated or if I'm just inputting the wrong information



  • Taxlady06
    Taxlady06 FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Sometimes you must allocate the premium amounts from one Marketplace health plan between two different tax returns. If a Marketplace policy covered at least one individual in your tax family and at least one individual outside of your tax family, the premiums need to be allocated between the two tax returns.

    You need to allocate policy amounts on a Form 1095-A between your tax family and another tax family if:

    • The policy covered at least one individual in your tax family and at least one individual in another tax family, and
    • You received a Form 1095-A for the policy that doesn't accurately represent the members of your tax family who were enrolled in the policy (meaning that it either lists someone who is not in your tax family or doesn't list a member of your tax family who was enrolled in the policy) or the other tax family received a Form 1095-A for the policy that includes a member of your tax family.

    If this applies to you, answer Yes to the question that asks if you need to allocate your premiums between two different tax returns in the Marketplace section of our software which is found in the Deductions and Credits section. If you select this, our software will walk you through entering the allocation for your portion of the 1095-A amounts.