can you claim your girlfriend as a dependent?

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I have been supporting my gf for the past two years. She hasn't worked during these times and living at my home as her primary residence. I provide prob 80-90% financial support for all her living expenses including rent and bills. In this case I would be able to claim her as my dependent on my taxes? On free tax usa under relationship to taxpayer I just selected "other" since there were no option for partner or girlfriend. Is that okay?

also in 2022 she did file a tax return on bc she received some unemployment for total of approx 3k and she didn’t make any other income. Also no one claimed her as a dependent. In this case I can amend my 2022 tax return and claim her as my dependent?


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    Hello Ted,

    In order to keep your personal information private, I'll refer you to the following resources to help you determine if you may claim your girlfriend as a dependent.

    In the IRS Publication 17, Table 3-1 (page 27 of the 2023 version) you can view the requirements for claiming an individual as a dependent.

    You may also use the IRS Interactive Tax Assistant to help you determine eligibility.

    If you need guidance for your specific situation, please log in to your FreeTaxUSA account and contact support. This will allow you to exchange securely information with our team.

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    I will do that thanks 🙏🏼