Amending a paper return

scott Member Newcomer

I just received a K1 for a small trust distribution and I have already filed my taxes. They were prepared by a volunteer via the VITA service. They only provide a paper return and they have no more availability this year to assist with the amendment process. This distribution will also require me filing a return for an additional state.

Is this something I can do via FreeTaxUSA? How easy or hard will it be? Thank you for your help!



  • RyanZ
    RyanZ FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Hello scott, and welcome to the FreeTaxUSA Community!

    Yes, you may use FreeTaxUSA to prepare the amended return. Please make note that you must enter everything from the ORIGINAL tax return EXACTLY before you may work on the amended return.

    After you have entered information for the original tax return, and verified that the PDF draft (found on the summary menu) matches exactly, you will select that you will "mail" the return. You won't actually mail the return, but making this selection will lock all of the information in place, at which time you may begin to Amend, which is located under the Account menu (at the top right corner of the page).

    As for difficulty, that will depend on the number of forms that you need to enter. You may reach out to support from within your account if you have any questions.