Help Needed: Filing 1042-S Income as a Resident Alien

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Hello FreeTaxUSA Community,

I'm seeking guidance on how to file my taxes after receiving Form 1042-S instead of the expected 1099-MISC. Here's a brief overview of my situation:

  • I am a resident alien who has lived in the U.S. for over 5 years.
  • Last October, I completed a personal service contract with a university.
  • Despite being a resident alien, the university issued Form 1042-S, typically used for non-resident aliens, for my payment.

I've been in communication with the university's Office of the Treasurer to rectify this issue, but progress has been slow and frustrating.

eventually, about two days ago, their final answer on my request was "After consultation with our advisor, they've indicated that we should not issue the 1099 and instead, the fastest and easiest way to address the issue would be for you to file your 1040 to receive the refund."

Their latest advice was to file Form 1040 and claim the gross amount reported on the 1042-S as "other income," and include the withholding from the 1042-S.

My question is: which section of the FreeTaxUSA Tax Return page should I input this income and withholding?

In TurboTax, a similar case suggested using sections like "Other Income Taxes" or "Withholding not already entered on a W-2 or 1099."

Does FreeTaxUSA have similar sections, or should I use a different approach?

Any guidance on navigating this situation within FreeTaxUSA would be greatly appreciated.

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    Unfortunately, FreeTaxUSA does not support reporting Form 1042-S at this time, so if you need to report it on your return you will need to find another way to prepare your return. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.