Vital Roles

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There are 4 key roles that come together to make a community that helps everyone.

The Askers: These people are not afraid to ask questions! They know that if they have a question, someone else probably does too (especially with a topic like taxes!) Is this you?

The Responders: They have helpful knowledge to share and LOVE to help! They know the time they've put into understanding a topic can help someone else in the future. Is this you?

The Tag-er: They love being able to find info fast! Whenever they make a discussion or post they tag the related topic, and put it in the best related category making it easily findable for all! Is this you?

The Keepers: This group loves to keep an eye out for sensitive or incorrect information and then click the report button! Keeping everyone same from others (and themselves.) Is this you?

Let us know what group you think you in the replies below!


  • OutFishing
    OutFishing Member Posts: 12 Level 4

    More than likely, I will look for answers I can respond to. I have been working in taxes for a long time and enjoy answering tax related questions for friends and family. So this will give me a chance to help this community. So a Responder for sure!

  • Kristine2654
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    I consider myself a "Responder." I've worked in the tax industry for awhile, plus some time spent working inside at the IRS learning their systems and processes. I enjoy sharing information on 'how the IRS views' the issue, in addition to providing answers to tax questions.

  • CuriousInOhio
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    I will be both an asker and a Responder. I learn fast and can post answers I'm sure of.