Multiple Employers for State Tax Return?

sjfreeman333 Member Newcomer

While filing for my State Tax return, it requests information about my employer, but I work for two separate companies concurrently and the site is only providing the option of including information for one employer. It is grouping my information from both W-2s otherwise. What do I do? Do I need to file two separate State Tax returns and break down my information depending on the employer I am filing with? Do I just pick one of the employers and go with that?


  • RyanZ
    RyanZ FreeTaxUSA Agent

    Hello sjfreeman333, and welcome to the FreeTaxUSA Community!

    It would be much easier for us to if you contact us through the Support Center. Each state has unique instructions and laws and it helps us to be able to see the specific states you are referring to, as well as the wage information that you entered on W-2 screens.